not much change

I’m not going to get into a day-by-day breakdown of the last couple of days but there’s basically not been a lot of change. I did my rehab sets on Friday and Saturday about 3 times total so I’m slipping a little in that regard. However, I am starting to get annoyed that the pain quotient is pretty much staying the same. It’s not bad enough to necessitate the pain meds regularly but it is bad enough that I need to pretty much be on ice and horizontal most of the day.

One thing that has been slightly different, I guess, is that the nerves on my legs are starting to return, which means I’m getting a little itchy. There is a patch around my shin area that just feels like dead skin but is slightly painful to the touch. Not sure what is going on there, either. I do think the swelling has gone down considerably, because the ice pack doesn’t fit as tightly around my leg, anymore. But it may just as well be that I’m not doing my rehab religiously enough and am losing the muscle matter.

The plan is to return to work tomorrow and then play it by the ear as to how long I stay. I will be taking an ice pack so that I can keep swelling down since I’ll be sitting a large portion.