[acoustic cover] throw it in the bag by fabolous feat. the dream

It’s been more than 4 months since I posted my last acoustic cover–Drake and Lil Wayne’s HYFR, so I figured it was a good time as any to start doing them again. Actually, it was a better time than any because I tore my ACL last week and now I am basically trying to stay off my feet as much as possible (something I may delve into in an independent post, later). Instead of complaining and feeling depressed about being half a man (or rather, instead of doing that even more) I decided to take advantage of the time to record a few covers I’ve been working on.

This song is pretty old–Throw It In The Bag–and I remember listening to it when I first started working, in 2009. I actually had no idea who The Dream was before one of my co-workers told me about him being some big head honcho of music production, or something. I still really don’t have a clue who he is. I think this was Fabo’s one-hit wonder because I haven’t heard anything by him of late.

Word of warning: this was recorded after several beers in a hot, May BBQ party so I was in quite a happy place. What this means is that I swear a lot. So if you are offended by that, don’t watch. Enjoy!

[youtube k5E9B8gv20w nolink]

[acoustic cover] dance with you (nachna tere naal)

I’ve already put up a cover of this, back in the days where I did not reveal my face. In case anyone was doubtful as to whether I actually made that cover, I’m going ahead and coming out of the dark (pun wholeheartedly intended).

This was my first exposure to Jay Sean and the genre of British Panjabi R&B that he got started in. Sadly, it seems that genre has died. Or at least there are no talented artists coming out of there. You should go check out the original music video when you get the chance, it’s kind of awesome.

[youtube sK4Hx4cLhMw nolink]

[acoustic remix] headlines

I recorded this a long time ago but deferred posting it until I got the chance to make one of those mosaic videos where each corner of the video featured me doing something different (guitar, beatbox, trying to sing, etc.). I decided that my iPod Touch was not the optimal video recording device and also that I didn’t want to take the time to make these videos.

So I’m going to go ahead and post this. At some point I may start a new YouTube channel with actual videos and perhaps even originals. This would be after I bought a decent HD video camera, however.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/28921145″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=cc0000″ width=”100%” height=”81″ ]

[acoustic cover] marvin & chardonnay

This is a song I’ve been looking at for a while but Kanye’s rapping was so offbeat that it took me a while to figure even a little bit of it out. The end result was that I decided I didn’t care much about Kanye’s rapping. The main reason I put this up is because I restrung my guitar today and in my opinion it sounds approximately 12309 times better. In fact, I’ve spent something like the last 2 hours playing it. Instead of going to the gym.

Anyways, this is Big Sean’s Marvin & Chardonnay, a song about, presumably, seducing some girl with music from Marvin Gaye and a bottle (probably more accurately multiple bottles) of Chardonnay. Ah, don’t we love the lyrical content put up by hip hop artists today? Well, I do. I mean, I better, if I’ve put up something that feels like 30 covers in the last few months. Big Sean is coming to ATX in about 3 weeks. I’m considering going. Seriously, I am (considering it).

[youtube Fr21E9Gfsk4 nolink]

[acoustic remix] i’m on one

Here’s the first acoustic remix that I’m officially posting to this blog. An acoustic remix is my way of describing a really poorly prepared song where I recorded the rhythm guitar, the vocals, the beat and a lead guitar section on separate channels and pretended that they sounded good together. I’ve got a few up on SoundCloud already, but they are mostly crappy because I was trying to figure out how to use this microphone I bought. They’ll get incrementally better, but don’t expect them to get all that good.

So here goes. This is I’m On One by DJ Khaled featuring Drake, Rick Ross (the boss) and Lil’ Wayne. There are a lot of expletives/profanity in this song so if you don’t like that, don’t listen. I didn’t come up with the lyrics, I just regurgitated them much like a person with a stomach virus regurgitates any food that doesn’t settle nicely. It sounds pretty similar, at the very least.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/25798209″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=cc0000″ width=”100%” height=”81″ ]

back from the dead!

I realized I haven’t posted anything on this blog for almost 5 months and I can just imagine the pain and suffering that my plethora of readers have been going through over that period of time. Thankfully, I’ve decided to start posting on this shiznit again, if only to make sure that I can stay in touch with my mastery of the English language instead of slipping into a lifestyle where the only languages I can write in are interpreted by programming language compilers.

So let’s see, what has happened over the last few months? My last post had to do with the NBA playoffs. Sadly (or fortunately, for the aforementioned plethora of readers) it appears that there will not be an NBA season this year–or at least a severely shortened one if the players and the league can finally figure things out. I haven’t really followed the conflict at all because I have no interest in the business aspects of basketball. As a slightly-more-than-casual fan, I’m just hoping that the two remaining relevant jerseys of the three I purchased last year don’t suddenly become throwaways.


Rain. Oh right, that’s been the story of the last few months. Or lack thereof, more accurately. It is possible that the cessation of rainfall in Texas directly coincided with when I stopped posting on this website. If there is indeed a carnal connection between my writing and the cloud patterns, then I apologize profusely to all the affected plantlife, who have no doubt buried a lot of their close ones over this drought. There was a pun intended there, even though it was a particularly poor pun. The alliteration in that previous sentence was also intended.


The last few months have also seen me become an absolute YouTube sensation. I posted my first ever YT video of myself in a vulnerable situation–playing guitar and attempting to sing–a day after my last blog entry. Since I’m an absolute attention whore at this point in my life, here’s a link to that video:

[youtube SBheFbClO0s nolink]

In the ensuing 5 months, I have put up no less than 34 more acoustic covers, covering genres as widespread as pop, hip hop and alternative rock with artists spanning from Britney Spears to Coldplay to Childish Gambino. My channel now has amassed a massive number of views–4,111 at last count. However, I’m not letting the success get to my head and will continue posting amazing musical renditions on the interwebs. My 4 subscribers should not be worried.

Oh, in unrelated news, I also celebrated 2 years at my job. Yeah, time is flying.


I cannot believe it is almost 2012. Isn’t the world supposed to end or something?

Anyways, I’m hoping to make this blog slightly more active. I’m hoping to add lots of photos of food, since I have enjoyed cooking again. And hopefully some recipes for those of you who have no regard for your digestive system. I also want to use this as a place to freewrite. So watch out for some totally disconnected and confused posts that don’t make any sense whatsoever. I’m hoping I’ll stumble upon my bestseller in this way. Or, one day, when I’m famous, someone will come up with the idea of collating these posts into a book and selling it with my smiling mug on the cover.

Oh, I’m also planning to design my own WP theme because this has too much going on.