[acoustic cover] marvin & chardonnay

This is a song I’ve been looking at for a while but Kanye’s rapping was so offbeat that it took me a while to figure even a little bit of it out. The end result was that I decided I didn’t care much about Kanye’s rapping. The main reason I put this up is because I restrung my guitar today and in my opinion it sounds approximately 12309 times better. In fact, I’ve spent something like the last 2 hours playing it. Instead of going to the gym.

Anyways, this is Big Sean’s Marvin & Chardonnay, a song about, presumably, seducing some girl with music from Marvin Gaye and a bottle (probably more accurately multiple bottles) of Chardonnay. Ah, don’t we love the lyrical content put up by hip hop artists today? Well, I do. I mean, I better, if I’ve put up something that feels like 30 covers in the last few months. Big Sean is coming to ATX in about 3 weeks. I’m considering going. Seriously, I am (considering it).

[youtube Fr21E9Gfsk4 nolink]

the weekend before the weekend

These last few days had an inordinate number of activities stuffed into a tiny amount of time. Figuring that it would be good to have a place to live when I began work in Austin, my future roommates, a couple of other friends and I decided to road-trip to that funky town and get that process started. We had narrowed our choices down to 1, but that was not as “all-the-eggs-in-one-basket” as it sounds. I’ll get to that in a bit.

We left Rice at around 5pm on Thursday and managed to skip a lot of the rush hour traffic thanks to the HOV lane. Austin was reached at about 8pm, where we settled down and had dinner at Pluckers, the wing place. We also ended up watching Game 6 of the Rockets-Blazers series, which was a must-win game for the Blazers. Thankfully, they lost and the Rockets set a Western Conference semifinal date with the Lakers. That should be a pretty intense series, although I expect Kobe and company to be a little too difficult for us to handle. But you never know…

After that I dropped my stuff off at my ex-roommate’s (from last summer’s Austin extravaganza) place and we then proceeded to E-Bus it down to 6th Street. At this point we only had about an hour to spend, but in retrospect that was probably a very good outcome for my wallet, which was going to take a beating over the next 24 hours.

On Friday, Hubert and I put ourselves on the waiting list for a 2 bedroom-2 bath affair at the Riata. The Riata is a huge, and by huge I mean massive, apartment complex community in Austin, about 5 minutes from NI. There are more residents at the Riata than there are undergraduates at Rice. Yep. Huge. They have an 11,000 square foot athletic center, which was probably one of the major selling points. Oh, and did I mention there are 9 swimming pools there as well? Truly ginormous. And the best part is that rent is extremely affordable–we booked a special that means that we will be paying a maximum of $500 a month plus utilities. That price may come down even more depending on how the market is when we decide our apartment sometime in June.

After taking care of that business, we decided to stop by at Kona Grill in The Domain for lunch. Thanks to a discount coupon that Neal had, we got one meal off. So it was definitely affordable and worth it. We then drove back to West campus and picked up a couple of Rohan’s and Hubert’s high school friends and then drove to New Braunfels to go tubing. We are planning to do that again next week when my family is here, but it was nice to get a taste of what exactly it is–extremely relaxing although very likely to cause sunburn (which it did in my case).

We then had dinner at Rudy’s, which was almost adjacent to the river. Finally, we began the long and tiresome drive back to Houston. We reached Rice at around 10.30pm on Friday night. The weekend had just begun, although I suppose everyday is a Saturday if you are a graduating senior. I’m going to go take the Target shuttle and buy some stuff for Alice’s pool party now. The rest of the day will probably be spent beginning that arduous task of packing. I did reserve a 5 foot x 5 foot room at the nearest Public Storage for $50 a month. I’ll have to watch my finances these last few days because I’ve began spending money that I literally don’t have.