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breaking down the rockets schedule

Basketball is coming back, about a month behind schedule. The NBA announced their regular season schedule today and, unlike in recent seasons, decided not to screw the Rockets badly. Since I can’t wait for the season to begin, I’m going to go ahead and break down their schedule to get an idea of what we [...]

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i sucked at basketball today

It made me sad. That is all.

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nba playoff predictions: conference finals

Another round done and another series of predictions gone wrong. Just kidding, although my results were once again mixed: Actual (Predicted): Chicago Bulls 4-2 Atlanta Hawks (4-2) +2 Miami Heat 4-1 Boston Celtics (4-1) +1 OKC Thunder 4-3 Memphis Grizzlies (4-2) +1 Dallas Mavericks 4-0 LA Lakers (1-4) +0 OVERALL: 4/8 Looks like I kept [...]

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nba playoff predictions: conference semis

What an exciting playoffs it has been thus far! We’ve seen a bunch of tight games (and a few blowouts sprinkled here and there) and already two upsets. In the East, Dwight Howard’s Magic have been eliminated in the first round, which will certainly bring into focus both Stan Van Gundy’s and Howard’s future with [...]

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nba playoff predictions

It is once again that time of year when I make playoff predictions. Last year, I went 7-1 in the first round, but only picked one upset (Spurs over Mavs). I only got one series absolutely right from a scoreline perspective (the Suns 4-2 against Portland). This year is going to be significantly harder, especially [...]

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rockets playoff watch: march 29th

I took the weekend and an extra day off to let the standings develop a little more and as a result it looks a lot clearer who is still in the race. At 36-39, I’m ready to eliminate Utah, for whom it would take the most miraculous of circumstances to pull through for a playoff [...]

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rockets playoff watch: march 25th

Another day, another result going against the Rockets playoff hopes. There was just one game of interest for Houston yesterday as the New Orleans Hornets traveled to Salt Lake City to take on the Jazz in an important match-up for both teams. In the end, the Hornets managed to scrape out a win, but in [...]

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rockets playoff watch: march 24th

The 4 games the Rockets were interested in yesterday went 2-2 so it can be considered an okay night. Fortunately, one of the results going in our favor was a home victory over the Golden State Warriors. Unfortunately, the Grizzlies’ game was one result that went against us, as Memphis managed to pull off an [...]

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rockets playoff watch: march 23rd

There were two games that had playoff implications for the Rockets yesterday night and they went 50/50 in the Rockets favor. First, the Blazers hosted the sinking Washington Wizards and took care of business. This was not surprising or unexpected. What is more concerning for the Rockets and the other teams grappling for playoff spot [...]

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rockets playoff watch: march 22nd

Not too many updates since yesterday. There was one game of importance for the Rockets: Utah vs. Memphis. We needed Utah to win this one so that we’d pull closer to the Grizzlies in terms of losses but unfortunately the Jazz were still smarting from their loss against Houston on Sunday. Or perhaps it was [...]

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