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[acoustic cover] f***in’ problem by a$ap rocky feat. drake, kendrick lamar and 2chainz

It’s been a long time since I put out one of these up (or, as someone ears would say, ‘not enough time’) but I figure it’s the right time, before this song turns a year old. Although I may have missed it. This song is called F***in’ Problem and I think it goes without saying that [...]

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[acoustic cover] throw it in the bag by fabolous feat. the dream

It’s been more than 4 months since I posted my last acoustic cover–Drake and Lil Wayne’s HYFR, so I figured it was a good time as any to start doing them again. Actually, it was a better time than any because I tore my ACL last week and now I am basically trying to stay [...]

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[acoustic cover] hyfr by drake and lil wayne

This weekend was somewhat productive musically. Probably because there was delicious beer involved. Today’s cover video is Drake and Lil Wayne’s Hell Yeah Fuckin Right (HYFR). Probably the hardest song I’ve done because of Drake’s opening verse which is kinda nuts. Not Busta Rhymes nuts, but more like, when does he breathe in? I’m hoping [...]

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[acoustic cover] dance (a$$) by big sean

It’s that time of the week where I once again demonstrate my lack of shame by putting up another substandard hip hop cover video. The victimized song today is Big Sean’s Dance (A$$). I don’t really feel that bad desecrating this song since it was pretty poor to begin with. And it was fun to [...]

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[acoustic cover] freaks and geeks by childish gambino!

Hey peeps. I bought a new video camera. It is a really shitty HD camera from Panasonic but it sure beats the video taken by my iPod Touch. So I’ve made the difficult decision to replace all my videos on YouTube with better versions. Better both because the quality of the video is better and [...]

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[acoustic cover] dance with you (nachna tere naal)

I’ve already put up a cover of this, back in the days where I did not reveal my face. In case anyone was doubtful as to whether I actually made that cover, I’m going ahead and coming out of the dark (pun wholeheartedly intended). This was my first exposure to Jay Sean and the genre [...]

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[acoustic cover] marvin & chardonnay

This is a song I’ve been looking at for a while but Kanye’s rapping was so offbeat that it took me a while to figure even a little bit of it out. The end result was that I decided I didn’t care much about Kanye’s rapping. The main reason I put this up is because [...]

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[acoustic cover] headlines – drake

Yay, another musical cover. I recently bought a pop filter so I decided to try out recording audio on the microphone. Many hours later (the song recording took about 8 minutes after a couple of takes), I’ve finally got iMovie to create a video file that I uploaded to YouTube. I still find it ridiculous [...]

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