[acoustic cover] f***in’ problem by a$ap rocky feat. drake, kendrick lamar and 2chainz

It’s been a long time since I put out one of these up (or, as someone ears would say, ‘not enough time’) but I figure it’s the right time, before this song turns a year old. Although I may have missed it.

This song is called F***in’ Problem and I think it goes without saying that it’s gonna contain some bad words. So if that’s not your thing, don’t listen. Also, excuse the sound and the video shakiness. Apparently the Lumia 1020 is really good at deep basses but not as good as crappy acoustic covers. Ah well. I may put up another version if I ever set up my microphone rig.

Anyhow. Enjoy (as much as you can).

[youtube qIm_hIGEBcM nolink]

[acoustic cover] throw it in the bag by fabolous feat. the dream

It’s been more than 4 months since I posted my last acoustic cover–Drake and Lil Wayne’s HYFR, so I figured it was a good time as any to start doing them again. Actually, it was a better time than any because I tore my ACL last week and now I am basically trying to stay off my feet as much as possible (something I may delve into in an independent post, later). Instead of complaining and feeling depressed about being half a man (or rather, instead of doing that even more) I decided to take advantage of the time to record a few covers I’ve been working on.

This song is pretty old–Throw It In The Bag–and I remember listening to it when I first started working, in 2009. I actually had no idea who The Dream was before one of my co-workers told me about him being some big head honcho of music production, or something. I still really don’t have a clue who he is. I think this was Fabo’s one-hit wonder because I haven’t heard anything by him of late.

Word of warning: this was recorded after several beers in a hot, May BBQ party so I was in quite a happy place. What this means is that I swear a lot. So if you are offended by that, don’t watch. Enjoy!

[youtube k5E9B8gv20w nolink]

[acoustic cover] hyfr by drake and lil wayne

This weekend was somewhat productive musically. Probably because there was delicious beer involved. Today’s cover video is Drake and Lil Wayne’s Hell Yeah Fuckin Right (HYFR). Probably the hardest song I’ve done because of Drake’s opening verse which is kinda nuts. Not Busta Rhymes nuts, but more like, when does he breathe in? I’m hoping his production crew is just doing its job properly.

One of my co-workers actually requested a cover of this song. So I was like, “Yeah, no sweat. I got this.” Then I heard the song. Umm…

But it turns out it isn’t that difficult. In fact, the only line I (still) have trouble with is the third one… “Tuition is handled by some random n***a that live in Atlanta”. If you listen to the video, you will notice that I, true to form, royally screw up this line. Oh well, whatevs. Another thing you may notice is that I keep speeding up. I need a metronome or something, damn.

Alright, enough of an intro. Drake is coming to ATX at the end of February. I will not be going, mainly because I will be about 10,000 miles away in India, but probably because tickets would have been ridiculously expensive anyway.

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[acoustic cover] dance (a$$) by big sean

It’s that time of the week where I once again demonstrate my lack of shame by putting up another substandard hip hop cover video. The victimized song today is Big Sean’s Dance (A$$). I don’t really feel that bad desecrating this song since it was pretty poor to begin with. And it was fun to desecrate.

This song is pretty much about Big Sean’s obsession with big booties. I’m not sure who advised him to obfuscate the word “ass” in the official title of the song because not even the radio versions feature the lyrics “a-dollar-dollar a-dollar-dollar”. It’s too bad; that would have been an extremely catchy hook. Speaking of the hook, it features the word “ass” repeated 24 times in a row. Each time. Given that the hook occurs about 3 times and that there are several other isolated asses thrown in here and there, this song features the word close to 80 times. Impressive.

Another fun fact about this song is the lyric “wobbledy-wobbledy”. Being as uneducated as I am in the history of hip hop, I thought Big Sean had coined this phrase. Then, I happened to be channel surfing when Fuse TV was playing a Lil Wayne video countdown. The video in question was Juvenile’s Back That Ass Up, which I had heard a countless number of times. However, at the end of the video, Lil Wayne broke into a “wobbledy-wobbledy-wo-bo-wobbledy-wobbledy” sequence. Further research yielded the song Drop It Like It’s Hot by Lil Wayne that actually features the aforementioned lyric in copious amounts. I hope you learned something new today.

Onto the song!

[youtube En7PObsvl7M nolink]

[acoustic cover] freaks and geeks by childish gambino!

Hey peeps. I bought a new video camera. It is a really shitty HD camera from Panasonic but it sure beats the video taken by my iPod Touch. So I’ve made the difficult decision to replace all my videos on YouTube with better versions. Better both because the quality of the video is better and also because I will not be fucking up the lyrics.

The first video that will be receiving this upgraded treatment is Freaks and Geeks by Childish Gambino. I already have 2 or 3 versions of this video up on YT (all of which are hidden, now) but I decided to go ahead and redo it anyway since I believe it was the first “rap” video cover I put up online.

Childish Gambino is an awesome rapper. Also known as Donald Glover, whom you may know from Community or such online skits as “Bro Rape” or “Spelling Bee”. Go check out his shit on YT if you haven’t already. I was introduced to this dude by a coworker back in early 2011 and ended up going to his show at Emo’s. The venue sucked but the rapper was awesome. I ended up buying tickets to his show at Fun Fun Fun Fest later that year and he did not disappoint. He also released a new album last year–Camp–which you should definitely check out (my favorite tracks are “Outside” and “Heartbeat”). I’m also going to his show at Stubb’s in April this year, so that’s gonna be awesome!

Anyway, this is a cover of Freaks and Geeks. I finally learned all the words. Do check it out and lemme know what you think. I mean, even if you hate it, I’m not gonna stop wasting space on the Internet posting my videos. So you might as well get your angst off your chest by way of YT comments. I’ve heard it’s very therapeutic.

[youtube _3cCI5-8dHA nolink]

[acoustic cover] dance with you (nachna tere naal)

I’ve already put up a cover of this, back in the days where I did not reveal my face. In case anyone was doubtful as to whether I actually made that cover, I’m going ahead and coming out of the dark (pun wholeheartedly intended).

This was my first exposure to Jay Sean and the genre of British Panjabi R&B that he got started in. Sadly, it seems that genre has died. Or at least there are no talented artists coming out of there. You should go check out the original music video when you get the chance, it’s kind of awesome.

[youtube sK4Hx4cLhMw nolink]

[acoustic cover] marvin & chardonnay

This is a song I’ve been looking at for a while but Kanye’s rapping was so offbeat that it took me a while to figure even a little bit of it out. The end result was that I decided I didn’t care much about Kanye’s rapping. The main reason I put this up is because I restrung my guitar today and in my opinion it sounds approximately 12309 times better. In fact, I’ve spent something like the last 2 hours playing it. Instead of going to the gym.

Anyways, this is Big Sean’s Marvin & Chardonnay, a song about, presumably, seducing some girl with music from Marvin Gaye and a bottle (probably more accurately multiple bottles) of Chardonnay. Ah, don’t we love the lyrical content put up by hip hop artists today? Well, I do. I mean, I better, if I’ve put up something that feels like 30 covers in the last few months. Big Sean is coming to ATX in about 3 weeks. I’m considering going. Seriously, I am (considering it).

[youtube Fr21E9Gfsk4 nolink]

[acoustic cover] headlines – drake

Yay, another musical cover. I recently bought a pop filter so I decided to try out recording audio on the microphone. Many hours later (the song recording took about 8 minutes after a couple of takes), I’ve finally got iMovie to create a video file that I uploaded to YouTube. I still find it ridiculous that the turnaround time on Windows Movie Maker would have been < 30 minutes. iMovie may be the most poorly designed interface I’ve interacted with, when it comes to Apple software, and that includes the ridiculousness that is iTunes as well as the tweenage iOS paradigm.

Anyways, enough griping. This is a cover of Drake’s song Headlines. Also could probably have been titled They Know, since he says that about 1.374 million times in the song. Still haven’t learned all the words to it so I had to read them off the screen, but at some point I’ll do it right. Just not this time.

[youtube 6Os2jaa2bk0 nolink]