my first video uploaded to the internet, ever

I feel extremely wary of categorizing this under “Music” since it most certainly isn’t, but I don’t know where else it would fit. So, about 6 years ago on a summer vacation, I made the haphazard (and, no doubt, boredom-influenced) decision to lear how to play tabla. My mom asked for a contact through her singing teacher and I was all set up. This video, which I uploaded to Google Video back in the day, was shot about a month and a half into my learning. Although it is a pretty crappy tabla rendition, the sadder part about the whole deal is that I probably can’t play it this “well” anymore. Sadface.

Why this sudden jump to the past? Well, YouTube was like, “Hey dude, your videos from Google Videos are gonna be deleted. Wanna put them here?” And I was like, “Yeah, bro, that seems chill.”

[youtube _3SVN32EFRo nolink]

[acoustic cover] dance with you (nachna tere naal)

I’ve already put up a cover of this, back in the days where I did not reveal my face. In case anyone was doubtful as to whether I actually made that cover, I’m going ahead and coming out of the dark (pun wholeheartedly intended).

This was my first exposure to Jay Sean and the genre of British Panjabi R&B that he got started in. Sadly, it seems that genre has died. Or at least there are no talented artists coming out of there. You should go check out the original music video when you get the chance, it’s kind of awesome.

[youtube sK4Hx4cLhMw nolink]

[acoustic remix] headlines

I recorded this a long time ago but deferred posting it until I got the chance to make one of those mosaic videos where each corner of the video featured me doing something different (guitar, beatbox, trying to sing, etc.). I decided that my iPod Touch was not the optimal video recording device and also that I didn’t want to take the time to make these videos.

So I’m going to go ahead and post this. At some point I may start a new YouTube channel with actual videos and perhaps even originals. This would be after I bought a decent HD video camera, however.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=cc0000″ width=”100%” height=”81″ ]

[acoustic cover] marvin & chardonnay

This is a song I’ve been looking at for a while but Kanye’s rapping was so offbeat that it took me a while to figure even a little bit of it out. The end result was that I decided I didn’t care much about Kanye’s rapping. The main reason I put this up is because I restrung my guitar today and in my opinion it sounds approximately 12309 times better. In fact, I’ve spent something like the last 2 hours playing it. Instead of going to the gym.

Anyways, this is Big Sean’s Marvin & Chardonnay, a song about, presumably, seducing some girl with music from Marvin Gaye and a bottle (probably more accurately multiple bottles) of Chardonnay. Ah, don’t we love the lyrical content put up by hip hop artists today? Well, I do. I mean, I better, if I’ve put up something that feels like 30 covers in the last few months. Big Sean is coming to ATX in about 3 weeks. I’m considering going. Seriously, I am (considering it).

[youtube Fr21E9Gfsk4 nolink]

[acoustic cover] headlines – drake

Yay, another musical cover. I recently bought a pop filter so I decided to try out recording audio on the microphone. Many hours later (the song recording took about 8 minutes after a couple of takes), I’ve finally got iMovie to create a video file that I uploaded to YouTube. I still find it ridiculous that the turnaround time on Windows Movie Maker would have been < 30 minutes. iMovie may be the most poorly designed interface I’ve interacted with, when it comes to Apple software, and that includes the ridiculousness that is iTunes as well as the tweenage iOS paradigm.

Anyways, enough griping. This is a cover of Drake’s song Headlines. Also could probably have been titled They Know, since he says that about 1.374 million times in the song. Still haven’t learned all the words to it so I had to read them off the screen, but at some point I’ll do it right. Just not this time.

[youtube 6Os2jaa2bk0 nolink]

throwback tracks

Two tracks I heard in copious amounts in college thanks to my roommate, PT.

The first one I remembered because I’m going to SF this weekend. The second one I remembered because I asked PT who did the first song and he initially said Vinylshakerz, who produced this other awesome track.

Global Deejays – The Sound of San Francisco
[youtube htNMqbDXAPg nolink]

Vinylshakerz – One Night in Bangkok
[youtube Bq8QohoDkEk nolink]