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some show-and-tell

Today’s rehab report along with some photos of my knee in progress. Day 58 (7/18) After being gung-ho about going back to work, I realized that I wasn’t ready, yet. The first night without pain medicine was less than stellar. I had the CPM machine going at 80 degrees till about 2 AM and then [...]

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first day back to work

I continue chronicling my rehab from ACL surgery… Day 57 (7/17) Since I had postponed a few meetings from yesterday and we were nearing an iteration deadline, I decided to go into work today. When I woke up in the morning around 6 AM to take the first of my last three does of pain [...]

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the commencement of rehabilitation

This post examines my experience of ACL surgery through the rehab process, which is currently ongoing. Day 53 (7/13): Rehab starts At some point during the night, my nerve block wore off and instead of being greeted by unparalleled pain, which I had expected, I was greeted by the warming ability of being able to [...]

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a day in the life of acl surgery

This is continuing the ACL surgery post I made previously. The rehab posts will probably be more frequent since I’m spending a lot of time off my feet. Day 52 (7/12): Surgery time! I waited almost a full 2 months since my injury before I had surgery. The surgeon had recommended at least a 2-3 [...]

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of acl surgeries and more

I’ve decided to go ahead and include a few tidbits about my ACL surgery so that I can (a) come back and look at it when I have made a full recovery and (b) answers questions/doubts for people who are looking at ACL reconstruction surgery as a possible solution for a torn ACL issue. Feel [...]

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It has been a while since I posted my depressingly pessimistic piece, huh? Well, thankfully the air has cleared, the weather has become better and I almost feel the springiness of the supposed current season. A lot has happened in the last few weeks and a lot is gonna happen in the next few, so [...]

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generally speaking

I always get into a reflective mood around my birthday. More than the start of a new year, I think this is a better time to make resolutions and set goals, because it gives me a better idea of how I grew over one discrete year of existence. The reflective mood probably also has to [...]

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new blog design!

I spent way too much time working on a new design for the blog. I tried to go with something extremely simple. Let me know what you think. I’m hoping to add Facebook integration soonish. I love WP. By the way, most of the groundwork for this was done using the Elastic Theme Editor. Check [...]

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force feed

I haven’t put anything on here for a while so I figured I’d write something instead of taking the easy option and just going to sleep. I was originally going to put some raw, unadulterated, brainstorm rap verses on here but they sounded a lot better in my head than when I put them in [...]

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i sucked at basketball today

It made me sad. That is all.

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