What up? My name is Sohum. I like to add extra m‘s to the end of my name because I think they make me appear more delicious. This is a theory that is yet to be verified, but I’m investigating setting up a double-blind study. Or something.

I live in Austin, TX and work as a software engineer in an awesome company. I am originally from Mumbai, India which means that I am doubly awesome because I am associated with the two coolest cities of their respective states (and possibly even their respective countries).

The purpose of this blog is to serve as my personal trash can for the internet. Since no one is going to go through and clean any of it up, I might as well contribute my own garbage to the pile. I will use this blog to ramble about life, post poorly performed music videos, over-analyze sports and maybe even talk about an issue or two. We’ll see how it goes. I like writing but since most of my writing is now exclusively done in the form of e-mail or programming, I figured I should reach back out to actual sentences.